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Indulge me, I am interested to know.

How do you show up daily?

For instance:-

  • Negative — you are constantly negative, angry, things get to you easily.
  • Positive — always happy, negative situations or people don’t affect you.

No negative vibes allowed.

You may be wondering, “this is a weird question”. But, it’s NOT.

Actually, it is a very straightforward question.

Furthermore, it’s designed to stimulate your introspection process and kick it into drive.


At the break of dawn — every day our motor is in overdrive or for some of us it’s on autopilot.

Our day starts with — preparing for work, sorting the kids, preparing breakfast and maybe lunch, getting to work (traffic/commuting).

In addition, we deal with work, its stresses, meetings that seem to go nowhere, then we head to the gym.

As well as errands with the kids, groceries — can’t forget the groceries.

Not to mention when we get back home, we commence our domestic duties such as sorting out the house and preparing dinner. We also have to put away the groceries and ensure the kids are sorted.

O wait! Some of us even have school tied into the mix and other extracurricular activities…Sigh!

My mind is tired, just by writing this.

So within that daily routine — RUSH, there is one significant thing we haven’t included but rather neglected.

Do you have a clue what that may be?

Yeah! Ourselves, our mental health.

On the other hand, some may differ with my statement and say “No, I make time for myself when I go to the gym.”

Quite true, you do make time for yourself and your fitness. But on the contrary, do you make time to fully check-in with yourself and your mental fitness.

With this in mind, I wonder, how much quality time is actually spent in quiet reflection and meditation.

Especially to relax our bodies and relieve our minds from the mental stress it encounters daily.

Just as keeping fit is great for relieving stress and keeping our bodies healthy coupled with eating properly. Introspection and quiet mediation are great tools for our mental health.

So let’s see, how much time is spent keeping our mental health in check?


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Hmm! I’m sure I can hear some silent zero’s, zilch, nada underneath your breath.

These responses are quite understandable since many of us do not consider mental health a priority. When in actual fact it should be ranking high on our health checklist.

So again, yeah I know all these questions. But, I gotta ask.


Are you jolly and positive, do you carry a positive attitude about yourself in every situation no matter what the outcome?

Do you see the positive attributes of someone, even though they may be negative, or do you allow their negativity to affect your positive spirit?

Are you easily angered, constantly stressed, and frustrated about your life? Or do you grace every day with a positive outlook no matter what?

How do you really show up daily?

Is it a mixture of both spheres or just one?


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I was hands down negative.

I felt tired all the time, grumpy, frustrated, stressed and upset. There was a constant heaviness in my life, and anger especially when I got to work.

There were certain people that annoyed me and I got tired of dealing with the same issues over and over.

These feelings all stemmed from circumstances I encountered in my life and my feeling of dread.

It also came from the negative crap I kept subconsciously feeding my mind day in and day out.

All that garbage coupled with the nasty negative baggage from other people and situations consumed me for years.

Then one day all those feelings and my negative mindset started heading down a dark road of Depression.

I wouldn’t bore you with the details of how I came out of that hole, but I thank God I was strong enough to realize what was happening.

As a result of me crawling out of that darkness, I realized the importance of one’s mental health and how we horribly neglect one of the most powerful; and vital organs of our beings daily.

As a matter of fact, we don’t realize how our daily actions and interactions with persons and situations can gravely affect our mental health and personal existence if not kept in constant check.

Likewise, if you are not aware of your aura and consciously align it with positivity, it can be easily consumed by negative elements.

Moreover, this is the reason why I believe daily introspection, reflection, and mediation is crucial to our mental health.


Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

To simply reflect on your day, just sit for a few minutes in a quiet space free from distraction and noise.

Slowly take some deep breathes in and out and reflect on your day, your life, and your goals.

If you wish to close your eyes you can do so, just let your body relax and concentrate on your breathing as you relax.

Reflect on:-

  • Your day did you accomplish what you set out to do. If not, how can you improve?
  • The interactions you had today. Were you positive, supportive, interested? Or were you negative, short, uninterested? How can you improve?
  • Your feelings, were you happy, on top of things, focused, positive, or did you feel overwhelmed, rushed, and negative. Can you improve?
  • What are some of your best qualities and how they helped you today?
  • How you can make a positive difference in someone’s life.
  • Smiling and being more positive — is this action something you can consciously make a stronger effort to do daily?


The Law of Attraction (LOA) is so real and true and is equally important to our mental health as well as reflecting, introspection and meditation. In fact, if you are not familiar with the seven LOA’s, I will provide you with an idea of what it means.

The seven Laws are:-

  • Manifestation — which speaks to what we manifest in our lives. It’s believed we manifest into our lives what we focus on. So just imagine if we constantly think of positive things how rich our lives will be.
  • Magnetism — speaks to attracting or charming into your life what you focus most on, and just like a magnet draws an element in, we too will draw whatever we focus on into our lives.
  • Unwavering desire — we should always be clear on what we want in and out of our lives. There should be complete confidence and no ambiguity in our focus.
  • Delicate balance — our elements should be aligned for us to attract the life we desire, if our elements are out of sync we would not attract our desires. Just like energy attracts energy so can we attract our true desires.
  • Harmony — we can blend and be in sync by tapping into the positive energy that currently circulates around the world.
  • Right Action — Do unto others as you will like them to do on to you. To put it differently, the way you treat others will come back to you eventually. So make sure and treat your fellow man with respect, love, compassion, and all that good stuff.
  • Universal influence — Everything has energy in it, yep we are back to energy. Our words, our thoughts, our actions are all filled with energy. Therefore, we should be very mindful of what we say, how we act, and what we think daily. Because they all enter into the universe and make a full circle back to us.

So to emphasize the law of attraction simply means whatever you put out into the universe is what you will attract.

  • In other words, do good and good will follow and come back to you.
  • Constantly stay positive and you will reap the positive elements from life.


By and large, I am thankful for realizing how important introspection and reflection are to my mental health.

Similarly having a healthy mindset is equally essential to a healthy and positive lifestyle.

With this in mind, I will strongly encourage you to start asking yourself this serious question daily — How do I show up on a daily basis?

Based on your answer, start working on changing your narrative in order to generate a positive aura and attract positive elements back to you.

“I chose to live my best life, free of negativity and full of positivity.”

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